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Generally the electrical current is 110 volts and 60 Hz and flat pins are used. However in most hotels you can find 220 volt and 60 Hz would be appropriate to bring adapters with round pin sockets. TV signals are of the NTSC standard (American), it has 5 national television channels. In the hotel facilities or nursing accommodation can enjoy satellite channels.

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The intense heat suggests using cotton clothing and the like. However if you travel between the months of October to March may coincide with the arrival of a cold front can cause temperatures to 10 ° C. (50. F), it is recommend the use of a light coat. In rainy season you must provide bring a raincoat or umbrella.
Overall casual clothing is used, but in the places category requires the use of formal wear.

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There is a dual circulation: the convertible peso, known by its acronym CUC and the Cuban peso (CUP). The currency used by tourists is the CUC. Exchange rates are set daily, places to change currency are CADECA (Casas de Cambio, SA). Bank pertaining to National Bank of Cuba. You can inquire on the website of the Central Bank of Cuba or in the windows of CADECAS.
Credit Cards accepted are VISA or MASTER CARD, which have not been issued by U.S. banks.
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Cuba's climate is tropical warm, its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer determines high values ​​of solar radiation for 365 days a year. It is characterized by only two well-defined seasons, the dry season (November to April) season from May to October where rains predominate.
The average summer temperature is 28 degrees Celsius (82.4 F) in the winter the average temperature is 25.5 º C (77.9 F).

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You must have:

  • Visa or tourist card
  • Passport valid for 6 months after the date of travel
  • Travel insurance with medical coverage that you can purchase in Cuban insurance companies at the airport, port or marina.
  • The insurance company Asistur SA guaranteed 24 hour service, for more information visit