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According to the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba, tourism development regions are prioritized:

Havana :  Center of the political, economic , cultural and social life of the country . Here is the Historical Center of Old Havana, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Varadero: Home spa country and considered its tourism capital. Nearby is the Zapata Peninsula Great Park.

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The archipelago of Cuba consists of the island of Cuba, the Isla de la Juventud and 400 cays. Located in the Caribbean Sea, at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico. Bordered on the east by Haiti, to the west by the Yucatan Peninsula, on the north by the Florida Peninsula and the south by Jamaica. With an area of ​​110922km ² is a mostly flat territory. The Republic of Cuba has over 11 million inhabitants, the capital: Havana is home to nearly 3 million.

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The entities responsibles for the management of tourism in Cuba are classified into two large groups: Entities hotel and exta entities.

The most important hotel entities are:

       Cubanacán SA: the volume of their investments and management contracts and marketing facilities make this group the leader in             tourism management, hotels are mainly four and five stars. 

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